On Your Own.

GPS wandelen op Kreta

On your own, but guided.

All Walks in the East of Crete.

Last update September 12th 2017

All tracks are well marked, or on GPS, or on maps, and included with detailed discriptions.

There are so many possibilities. In the east of Crete you will find my favorite walks. In these pages you will find impressions of the various landscapes.


Button to the broken church circulair walk. Close to the village of Christos. This is a longer walk, you have to have Cretan walking experience.

Milona waterfall

Button to the Milona waterfall in the Kaki Skala valley.

Thripty walk

Button to the short Thripty walk.

Chochlakis gorge

Button to the Chochlakis gorge to the bay.

Bramian lake

Button to the Bramian lake.

Avgo gorge

Button to the Avgo gorge

Dafni village

Button to the Dafni village

the Caves

Button to the Caves

Havga gorge

Button to the Havga gorge

Katharo plateau

Button to the Katharo plateau. This walk is not easy. The track is dangerous because of there are big rocks and they can easily break off. The trip start at Katharo and ends up in Lassithi plateau.

Agios Ioannis

Button to the Agios Ioannis village near Ierapetra.

Wanderungen Ost Kretas

Button to the Arwi gorge

Amiras highlands

Button to the Amiras highlands

Omalos plateau

Button to the Omalos plateau

Rixti gorge

Button to the Rixti gorge

Metaxochori gorge

Button to the Metaxochori gorge

long beach

Button to the long beach at Ferma and Koutsounari.

Abseilen in Orino

Button to the Abseilen in Orino

Azoria gorge

Button to the Azoria gorge


Button to the Samaria gorge

Sarakinas gorge

Button to the Sarakinas gorge

Above Pefki 3 gorges

Button to the Above Pefki 3 gorges


Button to the forests in Mathokotsana.

The very east

The very east Xeroskampos

Butterfly gorge

Button to the Butterfly gorge in Koutsouras

Zakros gorge

Button to the Zakros gorge

Rouvas gorge

Button to the Rouvas gorge

Moni Kapsa

Button to the Moni Kapsa gorge

Exo Mouliana Richtis

Button to the Exo Mouliana Richtis gorge

Xeros Kampos northern

Button to the Xeros Kampos northern part

Xeros Kampos southern

Button to the Xeros Kampos southern part

Kavousi gorge

Button to the Kavousi gorge


Button to the Keratoskampos gorge

Lato gorge

Button to the Lato gorge

Xa gorge

Button to the Xa gorge

Wineyards in Hondras

Button to the Wineyards in Hondras.

Imbros gorge

Button to the Imbros gorge

Ierapetra the most southern city in Europe.

streets of Ierapetra

City Walk in the streets of Ierapetra.


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